From top left by row:

  1. Casey MacGill / Neal Chin
  2. Gerald Ross / Victor and Penny
  3. Keith Blackwell and Brook Adams / Debi Noel and Kerri Sage
  4. Buck Mueller / Mitch Hider / Maggie Matoba
  5. Suzannah Doyle

UKEtoberfest 2018 Is SOLD OUT!

No further registrations are being accepted. Thank you for your interest and a big thanks to those who registered! Newly published: the festival schedule. Click on the menu item above to view.

About UKEtoberfest 2018:

Top ukulele swing music players and instructors are coming! Enjoy an evening concert by our instructors. Afterwards, dance to the music of UKEtoberfest’s own swing band, led by Casey MacGill! Bios and links to their websites can be viewed by clicking on Instructors on the menu bar above.

Our ukulele festival takes place in a beautiful park setting alongside the Willamette River in Springfield, Oregon.

Check out lodging information, including camping, by clicking on Lodging on the menu above.

All levels of players are welcome to join in the fun.

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